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Additional Covers

Additional Covers


Jubilee’s insured members can also benefit from the following additional covers:

Our insurance policy covers for loss of personal belonging due to theft or fire.

In the event that your vehicle’s keys, key fobs, ignition keys, are lost or stolen we will pay up to a maximum amount stated in your Cover to replace them where necessary.

We will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged windscreen, (or for any scratches on the bodywork caused directly by the broken glass), including their reasonable costs of fitting.

You never known when rodents may make a feast of your vehicle cables. Damages are often more serious than can be predicted. Thanks to our Rodents Extension cover, insured members may rest easier confident that the Jubilee Insurance cover is there as a safeguard.

In case of loss or damage to the vehicle, the excess will not be borne by the insured.

Where an “agreed value basis” was negotiated, Jubilee agrees to refund the totality of “agreed value” of the vehicle before accident as per the covered policy.

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